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Living Near Power Lines

May 28th, 2007 at 11:44 pm

I've found my dream home!!...sort of. The problem is the house is right behind some Power lines/tower. I've read a lot of research about living near power lines and most say there is no corrolation between living next to them and cancer or that they are non-conclusive. Could a few people please give me some feedback about living next to these things or if you have friends or relatives that live next to them. For example: How long have you lived near them, do you have small children, did any of your family members who lived in that home develop any illness' after you moved in...any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

69 Responses to “Living Near Power Lines”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    No help, but I did want to say I found the same. We looked at a couple of homes near power lines and I Was concerned but after researching it a little more I didn't find much. & let's face it, we ALL live by power lines, just some are above ground and some you don't see. Does it really make a difference?

    Curious to hear what others with experience around them have to say...

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yeah, the reports seem conflicted. However, the fact that it's a potential hazard and an eye sore will still hurt your property's overall value. It's something to consider.

  3. Frayed Buckeye Card Says:

    What is the health results of the power company employees?Those that I know are in very good health, except for one who fell. Again I believe we are told about something to frighten us, it keeps us from worrying about real issues.

  4. robex Says:

    My in laws bought a house that backed onto a ravine with power lines. He ended up dying from cancer about 6 years later. No one ever said the cancer was caused from living so close to the power lines and nobody else in the family had it, so...

    We often sat in their backyard in the evenings and could hear the crackle from the lines. Once in a while a little flash would appear.

    I would never buy a house close to the lines, but I'm paranoid about certain things.

  5. Laura Says:

    I have lived almost under power lines since 1979. My parents live next door. No one has any problems, no one in our community has had any problems. We are living proof.

  6. Kristi Says:

    We have found the house we want to build, but the only thing i have a problem with is the only piece of land we can afford is right next to and under power lines. We have a 13,9,and 4 year olds. I have read and seen on tv so much negativity about power lines that i'm terrified myself. If we dont buy the land, we wont be able to build. Are you sure it will be ok?

  7. dtjunkie Says:

    Kristi, There are no guarantees. But we did buy the house and don't have any regrets. I've practically forgotten that they are behind the house.
    I've been here almost a year. I think Laura's post pretty much answered my general question.

    There has got to be 10s of thousands of people who has lived right by pylons or powerlines for quite some time now. It's not like we're the guinea pigs...

  8. Mandy Says:

    Hey guys,

    I just bought a land and building on it at the moment. It is about 25m from a powerline. This is my first home and I was soo excited about it until my friend said that there are concerns about them. I am soo stressed out now, I am scare that I will not be able to sell it in the future because of the negative opinion from the public. Can you please tell me more about your experience with living near one. How close is/was your home from one and were you able to sell them? Thanks

  9. W perkins Says:

    I am concern I have seen one movie, which was a Disney comedy about kids going to school and playing near power lines. I am 53yrs old and my finance wants this house I will leave it up to God. I am going to die from something, but my concern is the property value this maybe an retirement investment for our future does anyone know that during the real estate boom were houses next to power lines selling at high profit margins also?
    The health issue is also a concern how does it affect men vs. woman, over 50 vs. over 65 theses are some of questions that I have looking for your input.

  10. njohn Says:

    I finally found out my dream home, my dream home faces another house directly in front of it which has power lines in its back yard, which is visible from my front porch, is it going to be a health hazard?, and what about resale?

    any suggestions?

  11. Jessica Says:

    I live in a house that is under powerlines, and am currently researching the affects of EMFs on people and their health. We had our utility company come out and take EMF readings. They ranged from 11mG - 26 mG. Everything I see says that "average" readings are 2-3 mG. This has to mean something. Our utility company says there are "associations" between health issues and powerlines, but no direct cause and effect link. I disagree with dtjunkie's comments regarding guinea pigs... I think that since this is still "hanging out there", all involved are "guinea pigs" until a solution is found. I don't know about you all, but I don't want to be a statistic. I am looking into my options now. Had I known all that I know now, I would not have bought my house.

    Sorry to be the Debby Downer...

  12. dtjunkie Says:

    I really had some serious second thoughts prior to buying the house, but when I weighed the consequences of the different types of risks people live with every day anyways. The positives outweighed the negatives.

    My equity has dropped...but I don't think that has anything to do with the pylons.

  13. Jessica Says:

    I am a 29yo SAHM. I have two kids. A 4yo and a 2 1/2 yo. We just bought our first house a year ago. A huge power tower/pylon is butted up against our backyard fence. We moved in June 2007. Became pregnant Nov 2007 and miscarried Feb 2008. Became pregnant again in April 2008 and miscarried in July 2008. Something is up.

  14. becca Says:

    me and my b/f just rented a home right next to power lines u can see them from our window. i was fine about it until the last owner came over to the house to inform us that its not safe to have children in this house and thats why he sold the house. we have a 2 year old boy and now im concerned about these power lines. are they really dangerous to be living to close to them? your comments would help thanks

  15. Jessica Says:

    There really is no answer regarding the safety of powerlines. I know that Florida mandated that all powerlines were moved away from schools. In West VA, some powerlines were moved away from townhomes because of the concern for ill-effects that could result. From what I have learned, there is a definite association between powerlines and childhood illness (specifically leukemia)- but no cause and affect could be determined. You will hear both sides of the story if you ask around... some people swear that it is harmful, while others have lived under powerlines for years and years with no problems at all. I suggest writing letters to Congress asking for them to take steps similar to those in FL and West VA to protect people from the EMFs emmitted by these lines. Please keep updating this site if you have any luck.

  16. Ang Says:

    I'm in my 40's and all my life we had a power line in our back yard. None of my family ever seen any bad effects. I know people who work for the power company and been there for years and they are healthy.
    Who knows,don't stress about it, that will kill you faster then power lines.

  17. Dan Says:

    My wife miscarried several times and we never lived near power lines. It is interesting that some people have had health problems and happen to live near power lines, but most people that don't live near power lines still have health problems. There are also a wide range of voltages that are carried by these lines; some buzz and some are absolutely quiet. If you really want to compare to your normal surroundings buy an EMF meter and survey a house that is nowhere near power lines, and one that is. That is the only way to see if the power lines exceed typical household exposures. Even then, linemen and people that work with this type of equipment all day long do not develop a high density of cancer cases. It is good to be informed, but inform yourself with facts like obtaining your own measurements, and not a lot of conjecture.

  18. Eric Says:

    We found our dream home. until.... I realized that power line thing... still hesitating whether to take it or not. My biggest concern is its effect on the property value.

  19. Kim Says Says:

    My husband and I purchased land about two years ago. We have been living in limbo trying to decide whether to build or not. We have children and are very concerned about the health risk also. We would love to build but can't shake the fact that our gut feeling say's no!!! Any advice waiting to have a to an emf reading.

  20. Kerri Says:

    Hi everyone....my story is similiar to al of yours...my husband and I are both looking to purchase a piece of land (great price) and build our dream home in NH, but he is petrified as he has been educated on the fact of cancer-related leukemia in children and these high power lines abut the property. There is also a gorgeous short-sale 3-year old beautiful Colonial home for sale right next door to the power lines....but we are now so skeptical, and very confused at the same time. Any recommendations for NH?

  21. Crystal Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I just found my dream home and across the street is a powerline.

    I'm going for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go where your heart leads you!

  22. Alex St Clair Says:

    There is only one way to be sure about radiation from power lines, and that is to measure it. Use a low-frequency EMF meter. Take the measurements at various places in your house at various times of day, with your own electric power switched off at the mains. Results can be interpreted in various ways, depending on which research studies you favour.

    Here are my personal suggestions: Less than 0.5 mG then don't worry about it. From 0.5 to 1.0 mG is probably safe for adults, but perhaps not totally safe for children. From 1-2 mG there is a small risk of severe health effects, especially for children. From 2-3 mG, moderate risk, don't plan to stay in the house more than a year or two. Above 3 mG, the risk is high - sell if you can.

    Remember, this is just the EMF from the power line. When you live in the house there will be additional sources of EMF from appliances, wiring, lighting etc. All these sources will increase your exposure. See www.emwatch.com/PowerLines.htm for more info.

  23. Laura Says:

    Where do you get a meter to measure the radiation? I have had enough radiation for a life time. I bought a house in the country with 2 other houses so far in the area...power lines are about 8 house plots away. I can see them from my back yard. I can't hear them unless I walk up there...we also have tennis courts and basketball courts...and a soccer field same distance to my house to the power lines. I have autoimmune problems so now I worry. I don't think this house will sell ..........now I know why. It's brand new. But, its close to power lines...damn.

  24. blair Says:

    i live right next to a power line. it is a beautiful house. i eat organic food, i live well. i have been very sick ever since moving here. i do not sleep well. i am depressed. i have lost a lot of hair. my neighbor feels the same. do not know if it is the power line, but we all have a lot of electricity running through us nowadays and the extra can't help. you can go to your circuit breaker and turn off power to your bedroom while you sleep. it is a small help. i feel there is no doubt that the extra electo magnetic energy is harmful.

  25. Anna Steinke Says:

    my boy grew up playing under a powerline since birth at 12 he was diagnosed with ALL luekemia 2008 3 1/2 yrs of brutal treatment for boys changed his whole life wouldnt wish this on anyone. powerline was a transmission line going over our backyard going down the street over the park. sleet and rain could hear it crackling had 2 misscarriages 4 months apart before i conceived with him wish i would have moved then 17 yrs ago. if you have a choice dont risk it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Linda Crump Says:

    My son has 35 acres to build a house on but is most interested in building where his backyard is next to a power line. The other choices are at least an acre away. Would it help any to build just that far away from the lines? So much of his land is consumed by such thick woods and so far from the road that he wont consider it.

  27. Ceil Says:

    We purchased a home in 2004 that is very close to a huge power lines in our back yard. At the time we didn't give the power lines a thought because the home was beautiful and priced right for the economy. Since then ,I have become very sick. I have devoloped Hyertyroidism,grade 3 heart murmur, severe allergies, blindness,tetached retna"s that I had lost my sight for 3 months,and so much more. We have a beautiful deck in the back of our home which since 2005, I have sat out to get a tan every yesr since we moved haer. Every year i devope severe hair lose come august every year. went to a doctor and she recommened rogaine to have it grow back.Me now relalised it could be the power lines! Next week I go for extensive tests to see the cause. Wish me luck!

  28. Patricia Says:

    Hello all:

    Can someone please help me, we just found a 25 Acre Land. There are High Voltage Wires 735 Kv passing over the land. It is at the end of the land. Our House would be built approximately 500 Ft. from the Wires..... Is this dangerous? Please help..... I am so confused.....

  29. Stan Says:

    My wife and six kids live almost directly under huge power lines that supply the city of phoenix. We wear hats constructed from aluminum foil to block the emf. Building the hats are fun and good for family bonding time.

  30. joe Says:

    Is this guy Stan trying to be funny... That cant be for real.
    The oblongs cartoon comes to mind.

  31. Susan Says:

    When money and health collide...choose health. When in doubt, don't do. Confidence will bring peace of mind. Less stress will bring greater health. Greater health will bring greater capacity to earn.

  32. MrsS Says:

    I have bought an emf reader, we live approx 300m from some 400v pylons and the reading indoors is below 1.0 unless I stand next to the cooker while it is on or the wifi which goes so high it can't read it. But as you move away it drops dramatically, just if you move 2 steps away.

    I drove under the power line where there are also some gardens and it went up to as high as 10.0 which I dont think is recommended. Safe distance is apparently 100m but I will be as far as possible in my next move. The reader is a good idea but buy a triple axis rather than a single axis.

    Power companies seem to be able to put them anywhere as the governments say there is no evidence and the attitude of the companies is quite arrogant. I bet the top people there make sure there are no power lines anywhere near their mansions!

  33. AmyG Says:

    My husband and I and thinking about buying a home. We found one online it looked amazing "to good to be true" we went out to look at it and I saw the power lines running along side the property. I didn't care I still went in and fell in love with the house. I then went home and looked at my little 1yr old son running around the room and thought to my self NO WAY no power line for this family. My husband is still set on buying this house. I read him all of these comments and he still wants the house. I told him he can live there and I am going to rent a place with our son.

  34. Ceil Says:

    Hi again..Since I spoke to you in Nov.,my husband and I did just that. We were forced to leave our house because of super high emf's.We had our electric company come up and take readings in our home and outside.The electric company also took readings of our close neighbor who live very close to us. Our neighbor's also have two beautiful small girls.We were shocked with the readings.They soared to 80emf in our back yard.In our homes, the emf's ranged from 8 to18 emf's.We were all frecked out.. We have been so sick since my husband and I purchased the house in 2004 and I have been on disability since 2009 being exposed 24/7 being at home all the time.We then wrote a letter to our PPL electric co.ceo and he said that they are not liable for any high emf exposure.Our homes are less then 90 feet away from the first major grid line.We will keep you posted on our progess..Wish us luck..

  35. Jay Says:

    We recently moved into a new home which is about 400 ft from 2 500kv power lines (over 100 meters).

    Since living here the sight of them really bothers me so we measured the emf which was ranging anywhere from 0.5mg to 1mg. We also have a toddler child and thinking of having another one and I feel even the readings we got may be too high to risk our child's health so are thinking of possibly selling the home.

  36. JP Says:

    We have lived within 1/2 mile to a huge powerline now for about 15 years. Here are some facts...My wife developed breast cancer at age 38 and breast cancer does not run in the family. Our next door neighbors who live a little closer to the lines, both have developed cancer, prostate and breast. So, I decided to start gathering some information from other people who also live next to the same power line. The information I gathered was very troubling. At least 5 cases of breast cancer, 2 cases of brain cancer (tumors) and 4 cases of prostate cancer. And over half of these cases people were under 40 and all of them live within 5 miles of each other but right next to the power line. The number of cancer cases may've gotten higher if I would've kept going but stopped when I found this many cases in such a small very rural area. Not trying to scare anyone nor am I saying the power lines caused this...just putting some info out there that I hope you can use.

  37. MSY Says:

    As much as we know Susquehanna-Roseland 500kv Power Lines will be in place by 2015 in NJ.
    If these lines will actually get built,
    our current house will be 600' from them,
    and our town's Middle School bilding will be 400' from 500kv lines and this shool's sport playing field is between lines and school. One of our sons would have to go to that Middle School.
    We are considering selling our current house and moving. Not easy decision since we have been living in our town 19 years, raising three kids and built our life around this town. So, any comments on "move-or-not-to-move" will be greatly appreciated.......
    Comments on this forum seem to support "move" decision.
    Anybody else out there who sells house because of Susquehanna-Roseland 500kv Power Line ?
    MAny thanks for your input.

  38. AM Says:

    I am 32 years old and have been living right next to a tower since I was 4 or 5 years old. My grandparents originally lived on the land and were there their entire life. My grandpop did pass due to cancer but that was due to smoking and I also had an uncle pass which was skin cancer from sitting in the sun his entire life. I believe smoking and sun exposure are more of a risk than the power lines. My dad and his 7 other brothers and sisters have never had any other health issues and my mom and my two brothers also have never had any problems. We played baseball/kickball directly under these power lines our entire lives, we even considered over a bar in the tower to be a homerun. I really think it all dependson the EMFs coming off of the tower and wires where you are located.

  39. Gio Says:

    Lets just put it this way, there are other countries/governments that have established a 1gm reading or under to be safe. We as a country USA have always been in support of big business and have let them get away with murder. Power company's are pretty big and are watching this evidence very closely but will not invest large sums of money to change the way they do business if there is no concrete evidence to support it. Mean while citizens may be enduring the negative repercussions. I would go with outside jurisdiction on this one.

  40. Beckie Gaskil;l Says:

    We have lived in our home for 18 years 2 years ago OGE domained our property came into the front part of our yard, we live on three acres. they tore down 100 of our beautiful trees and now have to live under the power lines and in between 2 of the hugemetal polls. We have had some health problems? I have 4 beautiful grand children who are here often and a teen still at home! How are we going to relocate? If they are going to be alowwed to deface your property they should at least have to pay what it was worth in the first place! We turned down their 3,000 dollar offer and got a lawyer, will be in court tomarrow DAMN!

  41. Jennifer Says:

    I have read everyone's comments and am still confused! We are RIGHT nest to the powerlines; my gauss meter shoots up to 60 when I walk out to the lines! HOW can this be legal in our, um, great and mighty nation? My gut says sell, but we can't afford to.

    Does anyone know how we can protect ourselves and our 4 and 6 year old grandchildren when outside? We are outside all the time!

  42. L, london Says:

    I live near some power lines, around 300ft away. When I get close to them the meter goes up to 9-10, indoors it's 0.2 but near the fridge and other electrical appliances it goes up to a similar range as power lines but quickly falls as you move away. Our adaptor for wireless sent the meter went so high it couldn't read any more. I think emf are everywhere but I do think it may be a danger to be directly under a power line for long periods of time. I have read the most important thing is to make sure where you sleep there is a low reading. Unfortunately both in and UK and US governments are allowing power companies to put them very close to homes. Take readings all around your house to see where it's high.

  43. marlene Says:

    We have power lines with a pole in our backyard. We've lived here for 17 years...there aren't any health issues nor are there any in our neighborhood that I am aware of. Our house is nice and backs up to the regional trail. Through the years, we don't even notice the lines, only the beauty of the trail.

  44. James Says:

    Some of these posts are very interesting. I am 37, married, and have 3 children ages 3, 5 & 6, all healthy, thank God! For the past 10 years, my wife and I have lived in our house which is located about 150 feet from some high voltage power lines. Because of my concern for my family, I purchased a TriField meter and took readings all over my house and all over my yard at all times - rain, shine, day, night. For what it's worth, the power lines do in fact buzz during rainy or snowy weather. In any case, I found that my readings are between 1.2 and 2 just about everywhere - including bedrooms. The research I have done seems to indicate readings of over 3 are dangerous. The thing I found most interesting is that EMFs are EVERYWHERE. I've taken readings all over the place - next to my computer, my phone, microwave, dishwasher, oven, car, in my office, at my kids' bus stop, etc. If frequently exposing ourselves to high levels (over 3 milligauss) results in cancer or some other deadly disease, we're all in trouble! Every modern car I've tested emits between 15 and 25 milligauss in the front seat. My dishwasher emits over 20, Sonicare toothbrush over 100 (that's not a misprint), microwave 80, oven over 50, and the list goes on. I did find that distance (space) is key to the degradation of EMFs. For example, in a minivan that emits a reading of over 20 in the front seat, shows a reading of less than 1 in the back seat. Standing next to the microwave could be considered dangerous but standing 5 feet away results in minimal exposure. What's the answer? I don't know and I can't tell that anyone does but these are some of my observations.

  45. Sasha Says:

    Thank you everybody for your postings. I agree with those of you who say the research on power lines not supported buy the corporations and health goes first. I just looked at beautiful home less than 200 feet away from powerlines. Decided not to give an offer.

  46. MARY Says:


  47. anna Says:

    Large electrical transformer is just 5 feet away from my house, is that affect health

  48. Robert mechwart Says:

    Live next to power lines and believe it had something to do with us losing our 1st child and than there mother with breast cancer and than again my 2 wife with a brain tumor a gliio which is the deadly of all brain rumors I'm now retired and look back at what happend on this property located in Suffolk co l.i. N.y. Thanks for you input .never mind the property values that have gone down due to the wires.?

  49. Ceil Says:

    Hi again..I know live in Florida. My husband and I left the house we had in Pa. less than 100 ft. away from a major grid power line. I feel so much better now. I still have my heart condition , but it's no worse...I myself cannot not believe that the government does not have any laws to forbid any building near a power line. they also have no laws to help homeowners that have proof of super high emf's in the interior and exterior of a home that is not safe to live in.The electric co should have to purchase the home and tear the home down for health,safety reasons. That home has been sitting empty for 2 yrs and the mortgage is in default...That is so unfair to my husband and I.No one in the government or electric co. cares! I would LOVE to write a book and have it published for all to read!! DO NOT EVER THINK OF PURCHASING A HOME IN EYE SIGHT OF A POWER LINE ! ARE U WILLING TO TAKE THE CHANCE..I DID AND LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO US..THERE IS ALOT OF BEAUTIFUL HOMES AROUND. DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE!!!!!

  50. Lottie in Phoenix Says:

    I live in a small condo on the corner of a busy street where they are putting a light rail train runs off electricity to run up the middle of the road- They are installing 3 pad transformers next to my patio wall maybe 20 ft from my kitchen area and they want to put one like 6ft x 6ft in front of my condo not 18 ft from my granddaughters bedroom window. How can they do this? I know its dangerous causing leukemia and cancer and alzheimers etc. I do not have the money to move and no one will probably buy my condo now. How long until I get sick till we get sick?

  51. teddy Says:

    We just left our home of 15 years after finding out the powerline was not a residential one but a subtransmission 69K bringing gauss levels of 4 to 8.8 into our sleeping areas. Our children played under a tree directly underneath the lines for hours for hours in our beautiful back yard. We tried to address it with the powercompany who did the testing who refuses to even state the WHO classification exists.

    When i went neighbor to neighbor I found either an autoimmune disease or cancer including leukemia in each house of a person who opened the door on our street with this powerline. And one man whose pacemaker kept breaking and doctors were stumped. He was on his forth pacemaker. I tried to address this in the community but got no backing. Everyone was afraid they would lose the money in the house and were already underwater.

    I had to leave and it has been heartbreaking on so many levels it would be hard to describe as I have two young children raised in these bedrooms in the highest levels. Each night. Every night. With autoimmune issues.

    The US government has failed us. Shame on the power companies. Even the power company worker was nearly crying as she brought me the latest letter from them stating they were within "safety" standards. She knows what is going on. We are broke now but at least we sleep in a safe place.

    If you do not have your health.. then what do you have?

  52. Sarah Says:

    My husband and I are absolutely in love with a house about 100 feet from power lines. The house is beautiful, on a quiet and dead-end street, with tons of green space and forests: the perfect place for a child to grow up. We have a 6 month old boy and plan to have more children. After several days of consideration, lots of research, and having our realtor write up an offer, we are backing out. Bottom line: if you will stress and worry about it and do not feel comfortable with the home, you should find someplace else. There are a lot of houses out there.

  53. Ceil Says:

    Do not make the same mistake my husband and I did.. Do not buy a house or land by any power lines.. I , after 6 yrs, just left our house. Read my other quotes. So sick, lost my hair every summer from being outside, super high emf's. no help from the electric co or any one else.. Do Not Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Teresa Says:

    We moved near high voltage power lines that are on both sides of the houses around 11444 W Bell rd.Surprise AZ - in citrus point community and have lived here 1 1/2 years. My ears hear buzzing noises and hurt sometimes. My dog that is 6 yrs and 3 months old has turned gray around his eye brows and nose, living here this year . He had beautiful black eye brows and black around his nose before we moved here. I am seeing more gray and wrinkles in a year. Any thing that advances aging faster is bad for pets ,people children. We are planning on moving as soon as our lease is up.Put in this address on google maps and see how close these lines are ,on both sides of the houses. . The person that lived in this house before us died, we were told . Someone should do research here.

  55. Grace Says:

    We found a dream house on lake we were so happy power lines 300 meters away. Since we have an environmental medicine doctor, and he lives way out in the country where there is fresh air, and no noise, no WIFI, no EMF towers, over 1/2 mile from the freeway because of the carcinogens in car exhaust and he eats organic food. He is not close to power lines and no farms close by spraying chemicals. He tells us all of these sorts of things may effect your health. We read a book and I believe that some things are happening on the subtlest levels but has a cumulative effect. EMF waves it does effect your electrical system. If the position of moon can have electrical systems. A electrican told us he had a client living close to power lines, and the power lines, were turning on there fluorescent light bulbs because it was exciting exciting the phos fluorescents automatically light the bulbs up. After reading this book system we unplugged our microwaves, and got rid of WIFI, got phones and computer wired into the walls we do not carry cell phones in our pockets, meter, and the new illness EMF sensitivities, some people have heart palpitations, seizures, breathing issues, sinus issues and dizziness the list goes on . It effects the electrical system of your heart.
    People that live next to airports have 3x more likely to have cardiovascular issues. Again some people genetics are not as vulnerable as others . If I had little children I would never even consider it, in fact I'm way too paranoid to ever consider it after working with my doctor. I've learned a lot of things, that we had never ever thought about it before. However, I did know that the brain creates more chemicals to calm the body down if you live around constant noise, eventually the person may suffer from adrenal fatigue, life is hard enough with adding anymore stress to our systems.

  56. Grace Says:

    I apologize about my post I did not have a chance to read it over before it posted I meant to say We found a dream house on lake we were so happy UNTIL we saw the power lines 300 meters away. We ran away,

  57. Karolina Says:

    We have been house hunting for almost 5 month, and one of our deal breakers had been proximity to high voltage power lines. But after two failed attempts at purchase and Jacob seen literally 30+ homes, we are so tired of looking. We've increased our budget and compromised on several criteria already. Then today we find what looks like a perfect fit, but alas, Google maps puts the backyard about 400 feet from the power lines.
    After reading all of these comments, I'm considering purchasing an EMF reader before we continue our search. We have a toddler and my husband already has hypothyroidism (hashimotos). I'm just unclear why some people in the same household would be effected while others not.?

  58. Karla Says:

    I am living in Norway with 3 kids ages, 2, 4 and 6 and a 4th one on the way. Our 2 and 4 year old go to a local play school. We are located quite far north, in a coastal town, population 1800. My two youngest have recently been out for the whole week in nature but in an area with power lines running over top. Two weeks ago, when they were in the same place i picked them up and my youngest had been sleeping, when I went to brush my hand across her face I could feel an electrical vibration in my hand (the touch was light). I touched her hand as well and had the same sensation. Like an electrical current running through, low vibration that I could feel in my bones and knuckles. I thought "This is so strange, what is going on?' We went home and I touched her again and the electrical vibration was gone. This week the play school is back out in the same place in nature, two days ago, I picked the kids up again, and this time felt the same sensation in my 4 year old, I tested on my two year old and the same thing. I put my hand to the face of my husband (who was also with me at the time), I could feel it with him too, but the feeling was not as strong. He could not feel anything. Now I was really curious. We got home and again, no vibration could be felt. Yesterday, I decided to take my 6 year old with me and my 23 year old step daughter up to pick the younger kids up so that we could do a test. We went to the area (again under power lines that run over top), my 6 year old could feel the vibration as well when I touched his cheek lightly and he also said that he could hear a vibration when I touched him lightly like this. My stepdaughter was also able to feel the same vibrations in the children, and commented that after she held her hand to the cheek for a while the area started to get itchy.

    Having never experienced this before I started to do research and found this forum. I thought I would post our experience. I have not found any connections with low vibration and effect on humans, however cannot imagine that there is not some kind of impact that those currents have on the physical body, not to mention our subtle bodies. Since unknown, either good or bad, only that the children seemed to act more as a conduct than adults. Again when we got away from the power lines the vibration could not be felt.

  59. Karla Says:

    Hello Grace,
    What was the name of the book that you read and the author? I would be interested in reading it.

  60. Igor Says:

    Just a quick note about people dying of cancer on the same street - one of the first things that shocked me when I moved to the USA was a free usage of charcoal tar as coating material for driveways. It's considered a toxic waste in most countries (+ it's banned in at least 3 states in the USA). It contains organic carcinogens known to medicine since 19th century and a number of poisonous volatile chemicals that can drastically affect your health, especially after years of exposure.

    Now to the point - before drawing conclusions about the effects of a magnetic field, please check if all those people had tar sealant on their driveways. If yes- most chances it was the real cause of negative health effects, not the power lines.

  61. Tracy Says:

    I live in a condo . Outside on the wall is attached black wires coming from a hydro pole . The wires give power to the entire condo building .
    My ears ring all the time . I've been sick since moving in here. I put my ear up to the wall where the wires are outside and I can hear the electricity . I'm scared for my health . I'm going to move out . What do I tell hydro company and the owner of the condo?

  62. Beth Says:

    I live two houses away from power lines in Cape Town South Africa. The wind was so strong today they blew over onto a house. In turn there was a domino effect and pulled all down. Live wires lying all over the ground and in the canal. Police cordoned off area. That should be enough reason not to live near power lines.

  63. mark Says:

    I live next to high tension lines, less than 100ft. my home readings are between 10 and 15 milligauss. My wife and child appear to be fine but I have developed tinnitus; now having difficulty sleeping at night. I have always been exceptionally healthy. I suspect it is a result of the powerlines but am not sure. There are older homes in the neighborhood that are equally if not closer to the lines as I. I will be talking with my neighbors to understand if they are having any health issues.

  64. mark Says:

    I live next to high tension lines, less than 100ft. my home readings are between 10 and 15 milligauss. My wife and child appear to be fine but I have developed tinnitus; now having difficulty sleeping at night. I have always been exceptionally healthy. I suspect it is a result of the powerlines but am not sure. There are older homes in the neighborhood that are equally if not closer to the lines as I. I will be talking with my neighbors to understand if they are having any health issues.

    A few other things i have discovered.
    The leukemia study that showed an increase in children exposed was highly debated and the risk went from 1 in 10,000 to 2 in 10,000 which is really not statistically significant.

    Exposure to high levels of EMF from micorwaves and other sources is not he primary concern. Power technicians or other workers who work in environments of high EMF do not show a pattern of health issues. The concern is with sleeping in high exposure as this is the time when the body is repairing itself.

  65. alex toposkevich Says:

    Hi, if you are very concerned buy a Gauss meter and just walk around the yard and write down the strength of the magnetic field. If you are still very paranoid cover the side of the wall that faces the lines with a layer of aluminum or if you wanna be really fancy with a layer of lead, but a few layers of cardboard or plastic seems to do the same. I would do a few layers of cardboard and aluminum just to be sure if you are really paranoid. but mostly at the distance that exists with the hydro lines the magnetic field is going to be minimal.

  66. alex toposkevich Says:

    P.S. if you really want to keep cancer away 1- stay away from fried food as they create free radicals in your food which are a known cause of cancer 2- try not to microwave as it distorts the chemical composition of the food and don't stand near it when microwaving if you do 3- do not constantly keep your phone near your head or body(debated though better to avoid as much as possible) 4- do not eat processed meat, do not drink carbonated drinks or drinks with a lot of preservatives. anything that can stay in shelves for month! should not get in your body. 5- stay away from unnatural creams and beauty products. basically anything that you cannot eat should not get on your skin for a long time as it will be absorbed by your skin. the list is long but its funny how people don't respect these very obvious known facts about cancer causing things in our daily lives but are paranoid about a magnetic field which there is no way it can effect us with 10-15 meters of distance.

  67. Melissa Says:

    We live downtown in a large Canadian city. Our house is approximately 25 ft. away from a transformer on a power line. I hired an EMF consultant to do a reading and sure enough, the bedrooms have readings ranging from 15 mG to 6 which is the lowest. We have a baby on the way and an 18 month old. Our home is wonderful but we've come to terms with selling it (can't do so before 2 years though due to job situation and based on the fact that we're going to relocate to another city). In the meantime while we're stuck here, I've tried to get the Hydro company to look at the darn transformer and upgrade it to new technology. They've resisted and I can tell, will do nothing about it, even with the report we have with the readings. It's maddening beyond belief. I can't even go to the media with this as that would impair my ability to sell the house. The hydro companies have us completely handcuffed. I think common sense can conclusively state that it's harmful to live in levels this high. It actually changes how our cells function/develop..scary.

  68. J Says:

    Wow I just read through this entire comment thread. I have been looking at houses now for awhile, it feels like forever. Yesterday I found this perfect house, but when I used Google to look at the property the realtor had left out the two large wooden power poles that hold up 6 separate power lines. My friend told me about an EMF meter, which I will not be able to get my hands on. My realtor seems to think that the only issue with living next to a power pole is the resale value on the property, that you might be able to get them to lower their price but come resale time you better be prepared to make someone else a similar offer. The property actually sits on 6 tenths of an acre, with the power lines crossing 1/3 of the back yard. Initially a lot of articles i read seemed to be inconclusive, but than finally in this forum I would have to agree that it all depends on the output from the power lines, or looked at another way how much EMF your body is being bombarded with on a daily basis. I am a disabled veteran, so I am home all day every day. I already have a myriad of issues, and don't want my living situation to become hazardous to my health. That was actually why I was going to move from my current house. I get stressed out and feel trapped when people block my driveway with their motor vehicle. Anyway back to the matter at hand, if there is a chance that power lines and EMF can cause cancer, or a miscarriage, or insomnia, or hair loss, or itchy skin, or headaches "I already have migraines." Just had one for the last 3 days straight. Why take the risk? My Mom agrees with many of you that power lines mess with your body, and that we should stay away from them, if you are able!

  69. Mike Says:

    My wife and I and our 2 young kids are planning to build a home next to a powerline right of way. The closest tower is like 80 yrds away from my driveway. I took a EMF meter out to the lot and walked around the future property. The EMF never even went off, so that is great but the meter also reads electrical field and that was reading high! From what I understand the EMF is worse for you. Correct? Electrical fields are around us always as I understand. My wife is not worried but should I be? If EMFs are zero we should be ok??? Thank you!

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