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Car Breaks Part Deux

January 25th, 2009 at 11:43 pm

Here we go again! I had to get my front breaks done again. This time though I went to a neighborhood autoshop rather than a chain store like Midas. This time they said my rotors were not up to specs and had to be absolutely replaced because the previous mechanics had sanded them too much. He gave me a deal that he would give me the rotors at cost for $40 (supposedly!) and the break pads he was putting in were going to be better quality than what Midas had put in about a year ago (to be determined!). So my final tally came up to:

Break Pads: $80 (best quality)
Rotors: $40 (at cost)
Labor: $100
Total: $220 - No Tax!

Thoughts? Does this sound like Deal?