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It's all relative

October 11th, 2009 at 12:53 am

I am always so conflicted whether I should be happy or upset about where I am at in life. Sure things could be worse, but damn they could also be a whole lot better.

Had I not bought a house 2 years ago I would probably have over $50K in savings and not be in CC debt up to my ears. Yes, that is for sure depressing to think about. But then I take stock of what I do have: a clean, comfortable, & safe abode, a reliable source of income, food and health insurance for my family, & last but not least a nice glass of wine while i write this entry. Not too bad.
But then I start think of what I COULD have had. Frown

I pursued a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure rather than just a letting it go into a foreclosure, which has sped up the whole process of turning my house over to the bank. I have gotten so much slack from everyone I know about leaving my house so early in the game without taking advantage of staying and not paying. In my defense, I could not live like that. Sure I could have saved money, but it would have been a very uncomfortable situation for me.
As soon as DH and I decided we were going to give up the house, we wanted to move right away. Sooo...had we not been so haste in our decision, we could have been saving $1,500/month in the last 4 months.

Is comparing yourself to a destitute vagabond really a positive way to uplift yourself?