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Just Checking In

July 10th, 2010 at 12:51 am

I don't know why I always fight the urge to come here, because when I do, I am ALWAYS glad I did. It's like a fresh breath of reality. I'm on Facebook a lot and although these are my "real life" friends & acquaintances, there is no way in hell I will share on FB what I share here. Why? Because FB is for impressing others, either with your wit or your Fabulous! life. SavingAdvice...is for airing out your dirty laundry!

So what have I been up to?
Well I quit my job of 4 years. Long story short, it was no longer working out. Time to move on.
I still have my side gig of running the online store of a small medical uniform company. Part of my job security is dependent on the sales generated through the online store...so if you have the need for scrubs and medical stuff, check out my side bar and click on my link. Smile

So...yeah, money is tight! But, after much reflection I don't need much to maintain a life I can be happy with.

$2,000 / month = Surviving but probably Miserable, racking up debt due to interest and late fees.
$2,500 / month = OK but hardly saving anything, debts will not be paid down, probably continue to rack up more debt.
$3,000 / month = OK at least I can start making progress with my debts again and not adding to them.
$3,500 / month = again just OK, more will go to my debts, will be able to save more.
$4,000 / month = See Above.
$5,000 / month = IDEAL! - Save, Pay Debts, Live fancy!