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Making Progress

August 25th, 2010 at 03:06 am

1.) Tomorrow I will finally be emptying out my Storage unit. Saves $110/month.
2.) Baby can be weaned off formula starting now.
Saves $60/month.
3.) STOP Overdrafting!!! - Saves at least $70/month.

Total: $240/month

$100 - +Savings
$140 - Pay other bills quicker

I've decided I would like to have less "things" and the few items I keep/acquire I have to really want or have a use for. The problem with this is that I always seem to have a lot of stuff, either through my own purchase or other people bring them, so it accumulates quickly. I don't really do big giant purges at a time, but I'm dedicating time daily to throwing out/give to someone else items in my life that i don't really need.