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News: I found spiritual enlightenment. Not News: Money is still necessary

November 25th, 2009 at 11:46 pm

Recently I stumbled across a site that seemed to have articulated everything I have always suspected about the universe and my spiritual self.

After letting it sink in that I am fully satisfied with what I have found to be the meaning of life, I realized that no matter what goes on in ones own head, real life is always a constant and is there to greet you every morning. And like it or not, money is a huge part of that "real life" for us who chose to live in society. FACT: The DWP does not care what kind of spiritual enlightenment you have found, that bill is due on the 21st.

3 Responses to “News: I found spiritual enlightenment. Not News: Money is still necessary”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    would you share the site?

    my friends are very underwhelmed with my beliefs and what I accept as 'what it all means' Big Grin

  2. Jerry Says:

    Ha! Yeah, finding a philosophical home still doesn't save your bacon if you are sick and have no health insurance, or put groceries in the fridge. It's funny how much time we have to spend on things to keep ourselves afloat so that it can lead to time to consider such things as beliefs!

  3. dtjunkie Says:

    Whitestripe, just so I can keep my standing in this community as a sane participant of society, i'm going to keep that little info to myself.

    Jerry - Ha! Indeed. After all the soul searching and self reflections...the DWP bill is still due on the 21st. Smile A person's reality has it's constants and absolute reactions from it's surroundings. The key is to put your self in a self-reliance atmosphere to able to truly enjoy this instance of your life. Easier said than done...again another one of life's little constants. Smile

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