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Odd Fact about Me

February 22nd, 2010 at 01:25 pm

My mother is a fanatic FoxNews watcher. She fits every stereotype of the character. As John Stewart put it on the Factor, she falls for "the Narative" hook, line, and sinker. EDIT: It's not that she falls for it, it's more like that's how she sees the world also.

It's almost beyond explanation, how she fits that very mold. Because "in real life" she is kind, loving, smart, successful and overall a very nice person.

2 Responses to “Odd Fact about Me”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I kind of know what you mean. We have a very dear friend and former co-worker of my husband who is very kindhearted (and openminded--I have one very unconventional family and she loves us!). He found her in tears the day after President Obama won the election--she really believed that we were now a socialist country and that all of her dad's retirement money could be taken from him and redistributed as Obama saw fit.

    My husband had to a) explain to her that Obama is very, very far from socialist in his beliefs and practices and b) assure her, as he is a citizen of a country with a socialist government (England), that socialism did not mean taking every penny of someone's money from them.

    She's a sweet person but she gets her "information" from Fox News, and they were going off the deep end during the elections. (They've actually done some interesting challenging of some Senators' doublespeak recently, so they're not *always* 100% truth-free, but at the time they really were.)

  2. Jerry Says:

    My parents are far more conservative than I am, and my mother in law gets her news and information from conservative talk radio, which is amazing to me. She is a very intelligent woman, but she doesn't question anything that is spouted by the pundits, for some reason, and it leads her to some pretty outrageous statements. She, too, is convinced that the US is becoming a socialist/communist stronghold (which worries her no end, having grown up in communist Vietnam), and that a public option for health insurance is the beginning of the end. I guess it comes down to "If you hear it in the media, it must be true!" I wonder what would happen if she was listening to other programs?

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