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Making Progress

August 25th, 2010 at 03:06 am

1.) Tomorrow I will finally be emptying out my Storage unit. Saves $110/month.
2.) Baby can be weaned off formula starting now.
Saves $60/month.
3.) STOP Overdrafting!!! - Saves at least $70/month.

Total: $240/month

$100 - +Savings
$140 - Pay other bills quicker

I've decided I would like to have less "things" and the few items I keep/acquire I have to really want or have a use for. The problem with this is that I always seem to have a lot of stuff, either through my own purchase or other people bring them, so it accumulates quickly. I don't really do big giant purges at a time, but I'm dedicating time daily to throwing out/give to someone else items in my life that i don't really need.

1 Responses to “Making Progress”

  1. Jerry Says:

    This is a great plan, and I think that storage units are rarely utilized optimally... how much stuff in there is worth keeping over the long haul? Getting off of formula will lead your baby to enjoy the big people food, which is kind of fun, too. All in all, you will have the insurance of using that $240 to make a positive difference on the bottom line! Good work...

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