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Back to Normal

April 7th, 2012 at 06:20 pm

My situation has improved since last I wrote an entry. I no linger live with my parents (amen!), we rent a decent size 3 br house with a great backyard. Cozy, really nice, and pretty affordable. While my income has always stayed relatively the same since I have been writing this blog, I feel that my quality of life has definitely improved thanks to financial habits this blog writes about.

I am happy to report I am on top of my expenses, living within my means and even saving a little. I have not reached financial security and really there's only one way I can get their quicker. At this point I really need to focus in increasing my income. This is where that old saying "easier said than done" fits the best.

3 Responses to “Back to Normal”

  1. Jerry Says:

    It sounds like you have made some big decisions that lead to positive outcomes, congratulations! Sometimes it takes a move like that to offer some insurance that good changes can come. I wish you well...

  2. dtjunkie Says:

    I think I've hit my plateau, this is probably the best it's going to get if I stay in this income bracket. Not a bad place to be...but what can I say, I'm impatient and restless. Like i'm always waiting for something.
    Anyhow, how about you Jerry? I wish you had a blog so I knew what you were up to also. How's the insurance business?

  3. Jerry Says:

    I'm not personally in the insurance business, but I do have an interest in it (I write about it a lot, of course). I especially like to look at health insurance coverage options internationally and how different factors affect health access, since I'm an American med student in Europe. My wife and I are also trying to live really frugally, both now while I am in school, and hopefully the habit will lead into the future afterward as well. Soooo that's what's up. Maybe I should think about starting a blog on here at some point... after I'm done with my research stuff, perhaps I will! Smile Jerry

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