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Bunch of Liars!!

March 18th, 2007 at 12:51 am

Everytime that Quiznos commercial comes on promoting their new Roast Beef sandwiches, i'm filled with disgust at the blatant lie they are feeding everyone. Just in case you haven't seen the commercial i'm talking about, i've posted a picture of the "supposed" succulent roast beef sandwich they are promoting.
Over a month ago, i bought that sandwich and let me tell you, not only did the "roast beef" inside that sadndwich NOT look like the promoted product. It looked like Pureed Roast Beef BABYFOOD. I was disgusted beyond belief. And not just because of the taste. But because it was the most blatant lie I had ever been told.
I am shocked, livid even that there has not been a public outcry over this, given that the commercial is in pretty heavy rotation in my area on the TV.
I have been struggling with my self to buy that horrid sandwhich again JUST SO i can take a picture and show it to the rest of the world. I am as you know on the cheap side (and i'm not talking about when i've been drinking) I kid, I kid. But i will do it... I'm going to expose those liars!

What is a DS / DH???

March 15th, 2007 at 01:42 am

Darling Husband
Dear Hubby
Doting Son
Dead Horse??
Damn Husband Smile

Suze Orman

March 15th, 2007 at 12:27 am

This woman used to get on my last nerves.
I used to pass her show on TV and would switch right away. I thought "Yeah, I know!! Stop buying stuff I don't need and save more of my income", "Duh, I knew that already", "Thanks for rubbing it in that I could have been a millionaire by now, if i'd paid attention to you earlier"......Well you get the picture. I might be exagerating on that last bit there. But NOW...after i actually gave her show a full shot, I love love this woman. I love how she tells it like it is and tells your broke behind "You can't afford it!"
I always had the misconception that she only catered to uppper middle class people and that her advice would never do me any good. Well the truth is most of her advice IS over my head, but I do find her show extremely entertaining and it kind of makes me feel better about my finances when i hear other people having the same issues. You mean i'm not the only dork not saving half her paycheck??
I will save the intricate details of investing in all those wonderful accounts she talks about for after my first goal of purchasing a home. At this point, i'm happy with my ING account and an actual piggy bank for my savings needs.

Resolution for tommorrow: Raise my automated ING bi-monthly savings transer by at least $50.

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